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  • February 24, 2012
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The Bosch Group conducted its fourth global associate survey in 2011. The response rate of 84 percent was two percent higher than the last survey conducted in 2009. The answers provided by associates underline, in particular, their strong sense of identification with the company. Some 84 percent of the workforce is proud to work for Bosch and 82 percent of associates would also recommend Bosch as an employer. Both of these figures have improved since the last survey.

At 338 locations in 54 countries, associates expressed their views on working together, conditions in the work place, managers, corporate strategy, work-life balance and the company's image. The results show that the job satisfaction of associates has risen yet again. Most associates also awarded better scores for strategy communication, associate involvement and trust in management. Moreover, the vast majority of survey participants enjoy their jobs and feel valued by their supervisors.

However, the associate survey also revealed potential for improvement. According to around 30 percent of survey participants, the results of the last survey two years ago have not been sufficiently implemented in their departments. This time round, the relevant managers will therefore receive additional support for the follow-up process to the 2011 associate survey. Two thirds of associates still have a positive view of the opportunities to create a healthy work-life balance. The Bosch Group's contribution to the environment and society also met with associate approval with the proportion of positive responses rising significantly once again to 87 percent. For management, the results show a positive trend with regard to greater associate involvement and a further improvement in leadership and cooperation.

NACH-045 - February 24, 2012

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