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  • May 02, 2012
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In 2011, Primavera e.V. Hilfe für Kinder in Not (Primavera Aid for Children in Need), an association run by current and former associates of the Bosch Group, raised the highest volume of donations since it was founded. Associates, external supporters, and friends in particular donated more than 600,000 euros to the association, which was founded in 1990 and works at Bosch locations with a view to opening up new opportunities for children who live in slums. The association reached over 500 members for the first time in 2011. Numerous events for the 125th anniversary of Bosch last year played a major part in the significant increase in donations. Associates donated over 100,000 euros during the worldwide "Experience Days" alone, which saw many locations invite their associates to celebrate this occasion.

Primavera e.V. is involved exclusively in third-world countries where Bosch has its own locations. All association staff are volunteers and help ensure that 100 percent of all their donations go directly to the projects. Most donations come from private individuals. A wide range of events such as concerts, theatrical productions, and company parties are also used to promote the association's mission. These include the company race "Run4Primavera" organized for the first time in 2011 by BoschRexroth. Since 2009, junior executives on the Junior Managers Program (JMP) have also been involved in their own project group for Primavera e.V. They aim to boost the profile of Primavera e.V. and provide financial support while also maintaining their own network. For example, 2011 also saw publication of the Primavera photo calendar, the net proceeds of which are also going to the association and whose edition for 2012 sold out early like its predecessor.

Twenty-five projects are currently being supported in Brazil, India, China, Mexico, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Colombia. In Cambodia, the "VICTIM 2050" project initiated by Bosch associates in 2010 has set itself the goal of combating child trafficking in Cambodia and protecting victims from prostitution. The project is committed to raising awareness of the people trafficking currently taking place in Cambodia and southeast Asia. Countless numbers of children in Cambodia in particular grow up below the poverty line and have scarcely any prospect of a better life, owing to a lack of educational opportunities, becoming victims of people trafficking and prostitution instead. In collaboration with the three local charitable organizations Hagar Cambodia, Agape International Missions, and AFESIP Cambodia, victims receive medical care and children are taken into orphanages with an integrated educational program. Primavera e.V. provided the project with a total of 32,000 euros in its record year. This year, the association will be funding the 25 global projects with a total of 430,000 euros. In order to initiate further excellent projects in the future, Primavera e.V. has undertaken to double its membership by 2014.

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