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Powerful all-rounders for do-it-yourselfers and creative hobbyists: More power when repairing and restoring with the Multi-Max MM20 and MM40 from Dremel

  • Corded tools for cutting, sanding, grinding and scraping
  • Constant power transfer in all jobs
  • Tool-free accessory changes with “Quick-Lock” on the Multi-Max MM40
  • Five new “Quick-Fit” accessories added to the range
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  • October 08, 2012
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Following the tried-and-tested Multi-Max 8300 with lithium-ion battery, Dremel is now launching two powerful corded oscillating tools for repair, re-modeling or restoration work – the Multi-Max MM20 and the MM40. The Multi-Max MM20 is equipped with a 250 watt motor, whereas the Multi-Max MM40 has a 270 watt motor. This enables do-it-yourselfers, hobbyists and creative people to powerfully cut, grind, sand, scrape or even remove the grout in joints. Various materials can be worked on – from wood, to copper pipes and plasterboard, through to different floor coverings.

The electronic feedback circuitry ensures that both tools maintain their full power with maximum wattage even under load. These multi-tools are equipped with soft start electronics to provide a jolt-free start and longer motor lifetime. Moreover, both tools are very compact and low in vibration, they have a variable speed of 10,000 to 21,000 oscillations per minute, and they have softgrip on all grip surfaces. They therefore sit securely and comfortably in the hand at all times.

Tool-free accessory changes with “Quick-Lock” on the MM40
The Multi-Max MM40 also excels due to its “Quick-Lock” system. It is compatible with the tried-and-tested “Quick-Fit” accessories from Dremel and enables them to be changed without a wrench in only four moves: turn the lever on the top of the tool 180 degrees, detach the inserted “Quick-Fit” accessory, attach the new accessory and put the lever back in the starting position.

Unlike conventional accessories, the “Quick-Fit” accessories have an opening towards the tool. This means the fixing screw does not have to be completely unscrewed. Instead all you have to do is partially loosen it to comfortably insert the accessories and then tighten them again. As a result, accessory changes also take only half the time with the Multi-Max MM20. And with the MM300 universal adapter, you can use the accessories with oscillating tools from other manufacturers.

Five new “Quick-Fit” accessories in the range
Dremel is launching five new “Quick-Fit” accessories at the same time as the tools:
  • The MM14 hook and loop pad enables sanding paper to be changed quickly and is suitable for precise sanding and grinding of many materials.
  • The MM430 multi-knife has a dual blade and therefore works in both directions. This enables you, for example, to cut carpet edges by pulling or pushing the blade, depending on what is more comfortable at the time.
  • The MM435 jab saw blade is suitable for various tasks including sawing out holes for plug sockets in drywall.
  • The two flush cut saw blades – MM480 for wood and MM482 for wood and metal – with a large 32 millimeter saw blade complete the range.
There are therefore a total of 18 accessories available for the Multi-Max tools.

The Multi-Max MM20 and the Multi-Max MM40 from Dremel will be available at retail outlets from November 2012 onwards at the recommended retail prices of 139.99 and 179.99 euros respectively, including VAT. In addition to the Dremel storage case, the MM20 comes complete with the MM11 hook and loop pad while the MM40 comes with the “Quick-Fit” MM14 hook and loop pad. Three MM70W “Wood” and three MM70P “Paint” sanding paper sets, the flush cut saw blades MM480 for wood and MM482 for wood and metal, and a vacuum adapter are also included.

 Specifications Multi-Max MM20 Multi-Max MM40
 Power 250 W 270 W
 Oscillation speed 10,000 - 21,000 opm 10,000 - 21,000 opm
 Oscillation angle L/R 3° L/R 3°
 Weight 1.35 kg 1.47 kg

Dremel was founded in 1932 by AJ Dremel who introduced the world's first multitool. Today, it is dedicated to creating and manufacturing Versatile Tool Systems™ of the finest quality for consumers engaged in a wide variety of hands-on DIY & creative hobbies, such as indoor and outdoor home maintenance projects, automotive restoration, woodworking, model building, as well as a multitude of creative projects from jewellery making to scrapbooking. The Dremel Versatile Tool Systems™ consist of compact, versatile and precise tools such as the Multitool system, Spiral saw system, Gluegun system and many more. All products come with dedicated accessories and attachments making it easier to perform detailed and intricate tasks for any kind of hands-on project. Since 1993, Dremel has been part of the Bosch Group represented in around 50 countries worldwide.

For more information please visit www.dremel.com.

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