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New Maintenance-free Beissbarth Two-Post Lift for Tire and Quick Service

  • Beissbarth lifts with manufacturer's recommendation for authorized workshops
  • Two-post lift without base frame for tire and quick service
  • Four-post and scissor lifts as precise test site for the wheel alignment
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  • September 11, 2012
  • Spare parts, diagnostics, workshop equipment, workshop concepts
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During the Automechanika Beissbarth presents a new two-post lift without base frame but with maintenance-free electro-hydraulic cylinders. The lift is available as VLH 2140 with up to 4 tons of lifting capacity and as a stronger version (VLH 2155) with up to 5.5 tons of lifting capacity as well as with two different post hights each. Due to its high-quality workmanship, among other things with metallic hydraulic lines and a cover for the complete hydraulic and control unit, the amount of maintenance required is very low. The lifts are designed for long service lives in tire and quick service applications.

A safety cable control ensures simultaneous operation of both lifting carriers. Both posts are equipped with automatic safety detents. The VLH 2140 version with its 45-degrees turned lifting carrier can be equipped with standard single-telescopic lifting arms or with longer double-telescopic lifting arms. The VLH 2155 lift with symmetric double-telescopic lifting arms suits very well for taking up vans and LCVs.

Application for Service Organizations of Vehicle Manufacturers
Vehicle manufacturers already recommend their service organizations the use of Beissbarth lifts. Product design and performance of the lifts are geared to the vehicle manufacturers. If four-post lifts or scissor lifts are to be applied as precise test site for wheel alignment, the vehicle manufacturers concentrate specially on level differences between the left and the right drive rail at different loads and lifting height, for instance. Beissbarth lifts meet the requirements with level tolerances of between 0.5 and 2 mm. With a drive rail width of 630 milimeters and a length of 5.5 meters, the lifts are even suitable for vans with a wheel base of over four meters. Integrated sliding plates enable a transverse displacement of at least 50 mm and an angle of rotation of at least five degrees. The lifts with respectively 4.5 or 5.5 tons of lifting capacity are furthermore prepared for the application of the Beissbarth 3D Stereo Sensors.

For the German market Beissbarth reestablished the direct sales of lifts for car dealers. The Beissbarth field service team assists car dealers concerning their workshop equipment with on-site sales consultations. Outside Germany Beissbarth service and sales partner also cooperate with national vehicle manufacturers and importers. A global factory customer service ensures quick service assistance at the motor-vehicle repair workshop.

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Beissbarth GmbH, founded in Munich (Bavaria, Germany) in 1899, has since been a manu-facturer of high-precision measurement devices for car manufacturers and repair garages worldwide. Besides its core business fields of wheel alignment and brake testers/test lanes Beissbarth also offers tyre changers, wheel balancers and ac service units. In April 2007 Beissbarth became a Bosch Group Company and was integrated into the Diagnostics Busi-ness Unit of the Automotive Aftermarket Business Division.

PI7915 - September 11, 2012

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