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New Beissbarth Test Lane Concept for Quick and Transparent Periodic Vehicle Inspections

  • Developed for high vehicle throughput at sites of vehicle inspection associations
  • Camera-assisted vehicle identification and video surveillance of the test procedure
  • Cross-linked testers and automatic test processes
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  • September 11, 2012
  • Spare parts, diagnostics, workshop equipment, workshop concepts
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By means of the new test lane concept “ICperform” for vehicle inspection associations Beissbarth simplifies the processing of periodic vehicle inspections of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and busses. The test lane is controlled by a special software, which links all test stations. Modern test and diagnostic systems at each of these stations ensure the high quality of the test results.

Once a camera system identified the vehicle, the software guides the inspector through the different terminals giving him indications and by means of a largely automatic test process. Any required data is transferred from the reception station to the other stations and the test is started and stopped automatically. The inspector only needs two and a half minutes for each of the stations. This way a general inspection is finished within only ten minutes. The system can be expanded to a maximum of ten test lines, each with a reception station and up to eight test terminals. As a consequence in principle up to 1,000 cars can be tested on a single day.

Transparent Test Procedure for the Car Drivers
In addition the concept of the Beissbarth test lane provides for transparent test procedures. In this way drivers can witness the inspection of their vehicle from the waiting hall. Therefore the measuring results are displayed on a 42-inch TFT display and compared to the respective limits. The customer can thus track the documentation of his vehicle's defects live.

Video Surveillance Renders Manipulation Practically Impossible
The Windows-based “ICperform” test software safes all data about the tested vehicle, the vehicle owner as well as the complete procedure with all test units and results and the inspector. For the first time the test procedure is furthermore surveilled by a Bosch Security Systems camera system. The automatic data transfer within the test procedure and the camera surveillance impede any possibility to manipulate the test results to a large extent. In accordance to specific national requirements for periodic inspections Beissbarth adapts country-specific test procedure, order of test units as well as language and font of the software to the desires of the vehicle inspection associations. A remote access to the test lane software enables quick adjustments of changed legal regulations during operation.

Modern Test and Diagnostic Units
The Beissbarth test lane “ICperform” is equipped with modern units and test systems out of the Bosch and Beissparth ranges. The roller brake tester “BD 641 – Power” with reinforced frame is suitable to capture brake forces of up to 7.5 kN per wheel and counts with an integrated axle weight scale. A special test program enables performance tests of the electronic parking brake. All wheel drive vehicles are recognized automatically. The theta suspension tester “SAT 690” works according to the extremely precise Boge principle. It enables quick and precise checking of the wheel suspension of vehicles with an axle load of up to 2.2 tons. Furthermore an indirect testing of shock absorbers can be carried out, which allows a qualified evaluation of these. Once there's a load on the measuring plates, the test bench starts automatically.

For the functional and visual check, the test lane is equipped with a robust scissor lift, which is available in two versions with either 4 tons (VLH 5140T) or 5 tons (VLH 5150T) of lifting capacity. The lift with a lifting time of 30 seconds is equipped with a wireless hand lamp with control keys as well as with a joint play tester for the front axle. A joint play tester for the rear axle is also available optionally. The automatic light adjustment device with camera technology “MLD 1000” checks within about 30 seconds the correct setting of low beam, high beam and fog lamp. For this purpose, the device moves on rails and positions itself automatically in front of the center of the headlamp. All common halogen, xenon and LED lamps can be tested.
For the emissions test the Beissbarth test lane is equipped with the Bosch emissions tester BEA 460 in combination with a newly developed ASM roller set. This enables emission testing with simulated vehicle operation under load. As the vehicle accelerates on precisely balanced rollers, the eddy current brake simulates an adjustable driving restistance and thus a specific engine load. Networking between the emissions tester and the ASM roller set during the test procedure is carried out by the “ICperform” software.

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Beissbarth GmbH, founded in Munich (Bavaria, Germany) in 1899, has since been a manu-facturer of high-precision measurement devices for car manufacturers and repair garages worldwide. Besides its core business fields of wheel alignment and brake testers/test lanes Beissbarth also offers tyre changers, wheel balancers and ac service units. In April 2007 Beissbarth became a Bosch Group Company and was integrated into the Diagnostics Busi-ness Unit of the Automotive Aftermarket Business Division.

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