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Robust line laser for outdoor use: The LL20 by CST/berger is a fast and simple solution for small construction sites

  • Robust design for outdoor use on small construction sites
  • Fast self leveling and high precision of 0.15 millimeters per meter
  • The LD3 receiver can be used to change over between short and long range
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  • July 09, 2012
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On account to its robust design, the LL20 line laser by CST/berger is suitable both for indoor use and short-range outdoor use. In combination with the LD3 receiver, working distances of up to 80 meters are possible. The easy to operate LL20 allows individual persons to quickly carry out work such as checking the height of foundations, positioning building formwork and fixing reference points. The LL20 operates with high precision due to its leveling accuracy of 0.15 millimeters per meter.

Thanks to the built-in pressure-equalizing system with magnetic damping, the LL20 by CST/berger levels itself in less than four seconds. This enables the operator to work quickly and without error. The new line laser automatically corrects deviations of up to four degrees. The LL20 has a 5/8 and a 1/4 thread for use on a tripod. A tripod and measuring rod are available as accessories. With its high IP55 protection class, the LL20 line laser is very robust and can even withstand a jet spray of water aimed directly at it. It is, therefore, ideal for outdoor work.

Easy changeover between standard and long range mode
The LL20 will be supplied as a set including the LD3 receiver. The function for selecting between standard and long range mode is a special feature of the LD3: in standard mode the receiver operates within a radius of one to 20 meters. If a longer range is required, the operator can easily switch to long range mode at the touch of a button. In this mode, the receiver operates within a radius of 20 to 80 meters. Accuracy can be set to 1.5 or 3 millimeters. The LD3 has exactly the same IP 55 protection class as the LL20 line laser.

The LL20 line laser by CST/Berger is now available at specialist retail outlets at the recommended retail price of 499 euros plus VAT. It will be delivered in a hard case with the LD3 receiver, a mount and six AA batteries.

 Specifications CST/berger LL20
 Operating range with
 LD3 receiver (diameter)
 Standard mode: 2 - 40 m
 Long range mode: 40 - 160 m
 Leveling accuracy  0.15 mm/m
 Typical leveling time < 4 s
 Self leveling range  4
 Dust and splash protection IP55
 Power supply to
 4 x 1.5 V AA batteries/2 x 1.5 V AA batteries
 (length x width x height)
 141 mm x 53 mm x 138 mm
 (including batteries)
 0.6 kg

CST/berger is known throughout the world for its expertise in the field of leveling. Its innovative self leveling cross line and rotation lasers, optical leveling instruments, theodolites, total stations, magnetic locator devices, and a wide range of accessories from measuring rods to measuring wheels are to be found on construction sites all over the world where they are used by structural and civil engineers as valuable aids during leveling and measurement work. For example, these instruments were employed during the construction of the Panama Canal, the Empire State Building and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

The founding of CST/berger can be traced back to Christian Louis Berger, who was born in 1842 in Stuttgart, Germany. Berger emigrated to the USA in 1866 where he founded a company to manufacture technical instruments, which later became C.L. Berger & Sons in Roxbury, Massachusetts. In 1995 the company merged with Chicago Steel Tape (CST) to form CST/berger. Since 2008, CST/berger has been part of the Bosch Group, which is represented in around 60 countries worldwide.

Detailed information can be accessed at www.cstberger.com.

PI7796 - July 09, 2012

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