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Premium product for paint sanding: Film sanding belts “1950 siaspeed” for pre-polishing of high-gloss paints

  • For high-gloss preparation using stationary sanding machines
  • From P800 grit to polishable P1500 grit finish
  • Absolutely flat film abrasive effectively removes paint flaws
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  • July 04, 2012
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The production of high-gloss surfaces involves a great deal of work and requires a high level of production expertise when it comes to painting, sanding and polishing. With the film-backed ultra-fine abrasive “1950 sia­speed”, sia Abrasives offers a sanding system that is suitable for producing high-gloss paint finishes over large areas, such as in furniture and interior design. Solvent and water-based high-gloss paints as well as solid surfaces can be sanded. The product is available in the grit range P800 to P1500.

The sanding belts are designed for use on long-belt sanders as well as machines with cross-sanding aggregates. Thanks to their absolutely flat film backing, paint flaws such as dust inclusions and orange-peel effect can be effectively eliminated. The result is very flat and polishable surfaces. Film sanding belts have a major advantage over standard paper-backed sanding belts in that they combine precision flat sanding with a high quality of finish.

The planarity of the surface is particularly important in the case of furniture fronts, because the incidence of light renders irregularities in the paint structure immediately visible. The method used to scatter the abrasive grit is specially adapted to the film backing and noticeably reduces the need for polishing after final sanding using “1950 siaspeed” with P1500 grit. This saves laborious additional work, such as additional sanding with hand sanders in order to obtain a uniform matt finish and reduce surface roughness.

“1950 siaspeed” is also available with velour backing
A highly innovative feature is the velour backing which prevents bulging in the area of the belt join and thus helps to avoid sanding defects.

“1950 siaspeed” is also available as a disc suitable for use on pneumatic and electrical orbital sanders. Bosch offers various electrically powered models including, for example, the GEX 25-150 AVE Professional random orbit sander. It is the first random orbit sander on the market with an effective damping system because the drive unit and the outer housing shell are decoupled from each other. As a result, the vibration is not transferred to the user. Instead it is absorbed, similar to the effect of a shock absorber. The result is a vibration emission value of maximum 2.5 m/s2. This means that professional tradesmen can perform everyday sanding work with the GEX 125-150 AVE Professional without any time limit.

As an all-round supplier for wood and paint sanding materials, sia Abra­sives also offers, in addition to its new film sanding belts, sanding systems for preparatory calibration sanding, intermediate sanding and final sanding, such as the abrasive “1919 siawood TopTec” as well as its own-brand po­lishing system “siachrome”.

The “1950 siaspeed” film sanding belts are now available from specialized dealers or directly through sia Abrasives. The recommended retail price for a film belt 150 x 4800 millimeters in size and in the grit range P800 to P1500 is 20 euros excluding VAT.

sia Abrasives is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality abrasives. For 135 years, the company headquartered in Frauenfeld / Switzerland has developed, manufactured and marketed complete abrasive systems tailored to specific requirements and applications for surface preparation and finishing on workpieces of all kinds. Through its own companies or representatives in more than 80 countries, sia Abrasives maintains direct contact with industrial and trade customers. The company has been part of the Bosch Group since 2009. In the Bosch Power Tools Division, sia Abrasives is the specialist in coated, bonded, nonwoven and foam abrasives.

Detailed information can be found at www.sia-abrasives.com.

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