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The Most Convenient Way to Switch

Bosch Smart Home presents the new Light/Shutter Control II.

  • Multifunctional use: can be installed as either a smart shading or lighting controller.
  • Convenient shading: raises and lowers roller shutters and awnings to the desired positions and moves blinds to the desired height and inclination.
  • Smart lighting: enables independent control of up to two existing luminaires.
  • Flexible installation: can be mounted behind existing switches and push-buttons, in junction boxes, as well as outdoors.

Frank Bauderer


Stuttgart – The alarm clock rings, the roller shutters in the bedroom automatically rise, and the light in the hallway switches itself on as you walk into the bathroom. Is there a better way to start your day? Bosch Smart Home turns this dream scenario into a reality using the smart Light/Shutter Control II. The new 2-in-1 product not only allows control over your lighting or electrically operated shading options but can also be operated via existing switches. The easily adaptable unit is useable either as a smart shading controller or as a lighting controller: both options are readily selectable during installation. As a controller for roller shutters, it can bring electric roller shutters, venetian blinds and awnings into the desired position. Furthermore, venetian blinds can be adjusted to the desired height and inclination. As a lighting controller, up to two conventional lights can be controlled independently of each other – even without smart light bulbs. The Light/Shutter Control II can be operated flexibly: as usual via an existing switch; via timer, automations and scenarios; conveniently by voice via Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant; and via app – either at home or remotely.

The Smart Way to Control Shading

Bosch Smart Home facilitates the smart retrofitting of existing motorised shading devices such as roller shutters, venetian blinds, or awnings. For example, with the help of individual automations based on the “if/then” principle, automatic blinds can gently awaken the occupants of a house at sunrise or any other predefined time in the morning. The automated system can also be set so that it lowers the blinds at dusk and simultaneously switches on the lights inside the house to shield residents from the neighbours’ uninvited gazes. The new functions of the smart shading controller also offer options for improving the indoor climate. For example, the roller shutters can be lowered automatically when the temperature climbs above 25 degrees celsius in the summertime. The smart shading controller thus ensures pleasant temperatures inside the home – even without air conditioning.

Clever Lighting Solutions

Good food and drink is important for a laid-back dinner with friends, but the right lighting is just as essential for a cosy atmosphere. The Bosch Smart Home lighting controller can be used easily via voice command allowing you to remain seated with friends and enjoy a relaxing evening. The new lighting controller can even turn two lights into smart lights, for example those above the dining table.

Safe and Sound with Bosch Smart Home

The intelligent Light/Shutter Control II not only offers greater convenience for your Smart Home, but it also enhances security. Lamps that have been integrated into the presence simulation can be switched on and off automatically via a random algorithm. To augment this, roller shutters can be raised and lowered automatically at sunrise and sunset so despite the residents’ absence, the home looks occupied and uninvited guests are effectively deterred. If a break-in does occur, the lights automatically switch themselves on.

Other Actuators Will Soon Complement the Bosch Smart Home

In addition to the Light/Shutter Control II, the Bosch Smart Home Relay and the Bosch Smart Home Dimmer will be introduced next year. The relay is equipped with a potential-free contact that makes it possible to switch almost any electrical device or even a socket. The dimmer complements Bosch’s portfolio for smart control of dimmable luminaires or other lighting devices.

Requirements of the Light/Shutter Control II:

  • A depth of at least 50 millimetres is required for installation in flush-mounted boxes. A box depth of 60 millimetres or more is recommended for optimum installation.
  • A permanent power supply with conductor and neutral conductor is required to provide power to the light/shutter controller per se.
  • 230-volt AC devices are only to be installed by authorised specialists.

Availability of the Light/Shutter Control II:

Now available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium. Other countries will follow in the course of the year.

Price: € 74.95 including VAT.

Availability of relays and dimmers: in the course of 2023.

Robert Bosch Smart Home GmbH was incorporated as a fully owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH. Headquartered in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, the company offers complete, intelligent consumer solutions for networked homes.

Bosch Smart Home simplifies home life by controlling routine tasks in the background. It offers greater comfort, security and energy efficiency.

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