Video #Automated mobility

Parking without a driver - remote park assist

Robert Bosch GmbH

The remote park assist takes over entering and exiting the selected parking space. With this system, even tight spaces are nothing to fear. The driver can also exit the vehicle before the parking maneuver begins, which makes entering and exiting the space easier in situations such as when cars are parked closely side by side. The parking procedure is then initiated using a smartphone or the vehicle key. The driver remains in charge of monitoring the vehicle, which maneuvers itself automatically only for as long as the driver continues to press the activation button on the smartphone or vehicle key. The park assist has control over the brakes, steering, engine, and transmission. Once the car reaches its final parking position, the engine is switched off and the parking brake engaged. Ensuring maximum safety during the parking maneuver, the vehicle’s surround sensors scan for possible obstacles.

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