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Greater security, greater comfort, greater possibilities

Bosch Smart Home new products and solutions at IFA 2017

  • Simple, comfortable operation of the Bosch Smart Home System as you wish: with Amazon’s voice-controlled assistant Alexa, the Bosch Smart Home app, the new Universal Switch or even fully automated
  • The 360° Indoor Camera and Eyes Outdoor Camera, both will be integrated into the Bosch Smart Home System, are among the first cameras to be controlled with Amazon Alexa
  • The premium Twinguard Smoke Alarm with Air Quality Sensor also alerts friends and neighbours in emergencies
  • The Bosch Smart Home Shutter and Light Control Systems turn existing light switches, electric shutters and blinds into smart devices for greater home security
  • Successive integration of Bosch and Siemens household appliances into the Smart Home System, starting with washing machine, dishwasher and dryer

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Stuttgart/Berlin – enjoy life to the fullest, safe in the knowledge that everything is under control at home: Bosch Smart Home gives you a sense of security and takes care of everyday tasks for you on demand. And it is easier to operate than ever. At IFA 2017, Bosch will be presenting Smart Home innovations and solutions that introduce greater comfort, security and flexibility to home living.

As unique as its users’ needs – comfortable operation even without a smartphone

No matter whether you prefer using the app, Universal Switch or voice control: the Bosch Smart Home System is easy and intuitive to operate in any situation. While the smartphone app gives you access to all functions in one place – at any time and in any location –, the new Universal Switch offers you greater freedom in its own way. Simply install it in any location in your house and all residents can use it. (If your neighbours come around to water the flowers, they can use it, too!) No cables are required for the installation. The flexible, portable Universal Switch Flex can also be carried around at home as a mobile control element. Both variants can store up to four functions: for example activate one of the new, predefined “good morning” scenarios with just one touch of a finger to have your shutters opened, your radiator-thermostats set to the specified temperature, and the kettle put on in the kitchen for the morning cup of tea by way of the Smart Plug. When you leave the house, simply activate the “leaving home” scenario via the Universal Switch, and the system will secure your home automatically.

Bosch Smart Home even has a solution for residents coming home with their arms full of shopping bags: voice control. Thanks to Alexa, the voice-controlled assistant by Amazon Echo, you will be able to control the camera solutions by voice from the autumn of 2017 – and your complete Bosch Smart Home system from the spring of 2018. The scenario manager function takes the Bosch Smart Home System another step further: it makes your everyday life easier by automating routine tasks completely. At specific times of the day, scenarios can be initiated automatically. Why not have your blinds open precisely at sunrise every day? Alternatively, specific device states can be set as triggers. You can have all lights in the house switch on when the kids are looting the sweets stash, for instance, or receive a push notification on your smartphone after the postman has delivered the post. Of course, you can still initiate scenarios by tapping the Universal Switch, via a widget or in the Bosch Smart Home app.

More options for securing your home with our award-winning cameras

Both the 360° Indoor Camera and the Eyes Outdoor Camera, winners of the Red Dot and IF Design Award 2017, are being upgraded. Currently available as stand-alone solutions, you can also have them integrated into the Bosch Smart Home System. They can also be controlled via the Bosch Smart Home app or the Universal Switch then. In addition, their integration upgrades your alarm system: as soon as an alarm is triggered, the situation can be verified using the camera recording.

From the autumn of 2017, both cameras will be among the first cameras in the world that are compatible with the Amazon Alexa voice control system. The camera image can even be viewed on a TV via Fire TV.

Double security with the premium Smoke Alarm with Air Quality Sensor

The Bosch Smart Home Twinguard offers you an extra level of security. Thanks to its professionally tried-and-tested Dual Ray technology, it recognises hazards even more reliably, which prevents false alarms. The Twinguard automatically sends an alert to your smartphone and informs you about the situation by means of a push notification or a phone call. On top of that, it allows you to specify friends and neighbours to be contacted automatically in case of an emergency – free of charge. While you are on holiday for example, the defined circle of people back home will be notified; they can verify the alarm and alert the police or fire services if necessary. In addition, the air quality sensor that is integrated into the Twinguard turns the emergency device into an everyday tool. By measuring the temperature, humidity and air purity, it helps you improve the indoor climate in your home.

Continuous expansion of the Bosch Smart Home System

Bosch Smart Home intends to make smart technology as user-friendly as possible. We are continuously optimising, integrating and expanding existing solutions so you can control the increasing number of connectible devices in your home with one single app.

The new Bosch Smart Home In-wall controls for lights and shutters allow users to upgrade regular electric switches for blinds, shutters, awnings and lighting systems completely invisibly. Existing lights, blinds and shutters can be controlled as part of the Bosch Smart Home System or operated manually as before. Integrating them into your scenarios improves your home security even further. Take the presence simulation, for instance: irregular activation of the lights or blinds puts off burglars by creating the illusion of your home being used, even while you are away.

The gradual integration of household appliances into the Bosch Smart System saves you further time and effort. At IFA 2017, Bosch will be presenting its integration of selected Home Connect washing machines, dryers and dishwashers by Bosch and Siemens into its Smart Home System. More Home Connect appliances such as stoves, refrigerators and coffee machines will follow in 2018.

Market launch

  • Bosch Smart Home Universal Switch and Universal Switch Flex: autumn of 2017 in Germany, Austria, France and Great Britain

  • Bosch Smart Home Shutter Control In-Wall : autumn of 2017 in Germany and Austria

  • Bosch Smart Home Light Control In-Wall : autumn of 2017 in Germany and Austria

  • Scenario manager expansion: autumn of 2017 as a free update

  • Option of integrating the Bosch Smart Home cameras into the system: autumn of 2017

  • Voice control for the Bosch Smart Home cameras via Amazon Alexa: autumn of 2017

  • Voice control for the Bosch Smart Home System via Amazon Alexa: spring of 2018

  • Bosch Smart Home Twinguard Smoke Alarm with Air Quality Sensor: autumn of 2017 in Germany, Austria, France and Great Britain

  • Integration of selected Home Connect washing machines, dryers and dishwashers by Bosch and Siemens into the Smart Home System: autumn of 2017

  • Two-step integration of additional Home Connect appliances into the Bosch Smart Home System: spring and summer of 2018

Recommended retail prices (including 19% VAT)

Bosch Smart Home Universal Switch: € 49.95

Bosch Smart Home Universal Switch Flex: € 59.95

Bosch Smart Home Shutter Control In-Wall: € 69.95

Bosch Smart Home Light Control In-Wall: € 64.95

Bosch Smart Home 360° Indoor Camera: € 249.95

Bosch Smart Home Eyes Outdoor Camera: € 349.95

Bosch Smart Home Twinguard Smoke Alarm with Air Quality Sensor Starter Set:

€ 199.95

Bosch Smart Home Twinguard Smoke Alarm with Air Quality Sensor: € 149.95

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Robert Bosch Smart Home GmbH was incorporated as a fully owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH. Headquartered in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, the company offers complete, intelligent consumer solutions for networked homes.

Bosch Smart Home simplifies home life by controlling routine tasks in the background. It offers greater comfort, security and energy efficiency.

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