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Full HD security – the Bosch Smart Home 360° indoor camera

Full HD video transmission with panoramic view

  • Retractable camera head assures the user’s privacy
  • Integrated motion sensors record relevant events
  • Notifications about events in the app
  • Two-way communication via microphone and loudspeaker
  • Multiple award-winning design fits harmoniously into any living space

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New features and advantages with the latest software update for Bosch Smart Home cameras:

  • Better overview: clear and comprehensible display of all new camera functions
  • More security: video recordings can be triggered not only by movements, but now also by sounds
  • Easier to use: option of filtering by date, sounds and movements

Stuttgart/Berlin. What exactly happens in my home while I’m away on holiday? The 360° indoor camera assures a safely protected home that the user can view whenever desired. Thanks to local and encrypted recording, relevant events are now no longer missed. The lens of the 360° indoor camera can simply be retracted into its housing: this positioning protects the user’s privacy because the inset lens is now no longer physically able to record video images. The cameras, which have been fully integrated into the Smart Home System since 2018, can be controlled not only via the app, but also by the Twist remote control, the universal switch and various scenarios. For example, in the “Leave House” scenario, each individual camera is activated in addition to the alarm system. The camera lens can be conveniently reactivated from retracted privacy mode by the touch of a fingertip on the device head, via the Bosch Smart Home App or via an Alexa voice command.

As soon as the resident enters the apartment or house, the “Coming Home” scenario automatically switches the camera into privacy mode. Simply from the app, the microphone and loudspeaker support two-way communication (listening and speaking) between people who are within range of the camera. This function too is automatically switched off when the device is in privacy mode.

Greater security at home

The motorized rotating camera head enables the 360° indoor camera to record events throughout the entire room. Recording can be triggered automatically by the motion sensors and image recognition or, as a new feature, also by the integrated microphone. For example, dog owners can have a notification sent to them when their dog barks at home. The activation is accurately targeted by intelligently networking the motion sensors with image analysis and an adjustable microphone level. This enables the camera to distinguish between actual events taking place inside the room and background movements or environmental noises such as trees moving and boughs creaking in the wind. This significantly reduces the number of false alarms. If unusual movements or noises are detected in the room, these events are automatically forwarded to the smartphone via push notification and can accessed live or as a recording at any time and from anywhere in the world. Users can thus respond even faster and more purposefully. The push notifications now also include direct links to further actions, so live transmissions can be started immediately and the most recent recordings can be viewed. Recorded and encrypted videos are stored on the SD card and can be viewed only by the owner. Similarly, in the event that the camera is temporarily unavailable or has been stolen, the material is cached in the Bosch cloud. The livestream and the recorded videos now also show the date and time so they can be used as evidence, for example, in the event of a burglary. All new camera functions are clearly displayed in the app so they can be instantly discovered and tried out.

High quality and simple processes

With full-HD video quality with 1,080 p and all-round capture, the 360° indoor camera is ideal for both live viewing and event recording. Thanks to the built-in infrared LED, it can also take pictures in the dark.

Setup is quick and easy because the 360° indoor camera can be installed within minutes and connected via WLAN. The camera is simply connected to the mains via a power supply unit. The app guides the user through a simple installation process with clear, animated instructions. The app generates a unique QR code, which is held in front of the camera. This securely transfers the network ID, WLAN password and security token to the camera.

Up to ten (indoor and outdoor) cameras can be controlled via the Bosch Smart Camera App (Android / iOS). All integrated cameras are then displayed on the home screen. Using “camera” widgets, the most important functions can also be controlled directly from the smartphone’s start screen at the touch of a fingertip. The main functions of the indoor and outdoor cameras can be conveniently controlled without having to start the app. In addition to better and simpler operation, the widget also offers greater security. In this way, additional important data can be called up (where, how and when an alarm was triggered) and previews of events can be displayed. The privacy mode of the indoor camera can likewise be operated with just one click.

The app can also be used to give friends or acquaintances access to the camera so they can keep a watchful eye on a vacant home while its residents are away. For example, the authorization can be user-defined for the duration of a holiday. The temporary access automatically expires on a pre-determined date, for example, the anticipated homecoming date.

Market launch
Since mid-2017. Germany, Austria, France and Great Britain.

Recommended retail price
Bosch Smart Home 360° indoor camera: €249.95

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Robert Bosch Smart Home GmbH was incorporated as a fully owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH. Headquartered in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, the company offers complete, intelligent consumer solutions for networked homes.

Bosch Smart Home simplifies home life by controlling routine tasks in the background. It offers greater comfort, security and energy efficiency.

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