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Connected workshop - The workshop of the future is connected

Solutions for the connection of diagnostic and test devices with, for example, the customer service area have been available for quite a while. The aim is to avoid having to collect customer and vehicle data again and again, and thus being able to optimize the throughput of the vehicle in the workshop. Bosch had provided important stimuli with its workshop network, which were then realized in the open asanetwork. The Internet of Things, fast data connections and the possibility of intelligently processing even very large amounts of data have by now opened up completely new dimensions for the socalled Connected Workshop. The workshop of the future knows the “state of health” of their customers’ vehicles and, if necessary, recommends the vehicle owner to have the vehicle repaired even before a component fails. This helps omitting breakdowns and unnecessary downtime, which is especially important for commercial vehicles. The workshop has all information at hand that is necessary for the repairs and is thus able to carry out all works on the customer’s vehicle effectively, completely, without delay and in high quality. Bosch has developed the respective components for the Connected Workshop which in the meantime have been tested in practice in pilot projects.

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