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Bosch Smart Home Twinguard – now even more secure in the system

The most important update for smart fire protection

  • The new product advantages at a glance:
  • The Twinguard is now integrated into the Bosch Smart Home System
  • Alarm transmission to all networked Twinguards and smoke alarm devices
  • Activation of all cameras in case of fire, including push notification with live video
  • Now also serves as an alarm siren in case of burglary
  • More options through integration in scenarios and automations

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Stuttgart/Berlin - The Twinguard smoke detector with air quality sensor can now be fully integrated into the Bosch Smart Home System and controlled via the Bosch Smart Home App. This means that the Twinguard smoke detectors can be networked via the Smart Home Controller. System integration of the Twinguard takes place automatically when the Bosch Smart Home App is updated. It is available for both Android and iOS.

Professional fire protection 2.0

In the event of a fire, the automatic alarm transmission occurs as before, not solely via all Twinguard devices, but also via all smoke detectors in the same network. In an emergency, all residents in the house or apartment are alerted and all available emergency lights are switched on to illuminate escape routes. The alarm is automatically forwarded to the smartphone and notifies the user via push message. Furthermore, all connected Bosch Smart Home indoor and outdoor cameras are activated and live images are transmitted directly to the smartphone. This allows the alarm to be verified visually when the user is not at home, and the police or fire brigade can be alerted in an emergency.

An integral part of smart homes since the fall of 2017, the Twinguard smoke detector with air quality sensor maximizes safety and security. Bosch relies on tried-and-tested Dual-Ray technology for extremely reliable smoke detection. Previously deployed only in professional environments, this technology is now also available in the consumer sector. Technically, LEDs with various light wavelengths reliably detect smoke particles of different sizes. Dual-Ray technology is extremely robust against disturbances and ensures that the number of false alarms is reduced to a minimum. The user can also opt to be alerted by a quieter acoustic signal as a pre-alarm – even before smoke emissions become dangerous. The Twinguard is a fully certified smoke detector and meets all requirements of DIN EN 14604.

Additional burglary protection after alarm transmission

Now that it can be connected to other Bosch Smart Home devices (such as door/window contacts or motion detectors), the Twinguard offers greater security than ever before – even in the event of a break-in. For example, networked Twinguards and smoke detectors jointly trigger several loud sirens to deter intruders in the event of unwanted intrusion. Intruders are thus forced to flee at an early stage.

Even more possibilities in the system

Integration into the Bosch Smart Home System also opens up a variety of new options for automation and scenarios. For example, if strong sunshine causes the apartment or house to become too warm, the electrically powered shutters integrated into the system can be lowered by an integrated automation – thus protecting the home against overheating.

Doubly protected – smoke detector with air quality sensor

One more reason to relax and breathe deeply: the Twinguard continuously monitors the indoor climate and the air quality inside the home. Its additional air quality sensor makes it a useful helper in daily life. Three relevant parameters are monitored: temperature, relative humidity and air purity. To determine air purity, the Twinguard measures volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as evaporated cleaning agents or vapours from furniture.

The Twinguard App stores optimum and limit values of the most important air quality parameters. These values are individually specified for each room and are based on recommendations from relevant studies. The user sees immediately when the air quality is no longer in the optimum range and is notified, if desired. Fully integrated into the Bosch Smart Home System, measurement data on air quality can now also be clearly displayed in the Smart Home App.

Recommended retail prices

Bosch Smart Home Twinguard smoke detector with air quality sensor: €149.95

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