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Bosch launches new Air Flux series

Highly efficient and convenient air conditioning system

  • High energy savings combined with a wide output range
  • Intelligent controls developed by Bosch
  • Compact industrial design and easy handling
Thomas Pelizaeus

Thomas Pelizaeus


With the introduction of the new Air Flux series, Bosch launches an energy-efficient and convenient Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system. Air Flux covers the complete product range from individual and combined outdoor units, to 13 different indoor air conditioning units and intelligent control units as well as a newly developed planning software. Accessories and spare parts complete the programme. Air Flux is suitable for mid-sized and large properties such as hotels, office buildings and public facilities.

Combining energy efficiency with a wide output range

Air Flux performs highly energy-efficiently at cooling and heating thanks to a newly developed scroll type compressor with vapour injection and plate heat exchanger used for sub-cooling. Due to improvements in the compressor, heat exchanger and cooling cycle, the new Air Flux series reaches a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of up to 7.6. This allows a wide outdoor ambient operation range at cooling and heating. The new outdoor units operate in cooling mode at temperatures from minus five to plus 48 degrees Celsius and in heating mode at temperatures from minus 23 to plus 25 degrees Celsius. The integrated energy management system automatically adjusts the evaporation and condensation temperatures, which maximises energy efficiency and comfort during system operation. The new Air Flux series is also the VRF system with the widest output range currently on the market, reaching from 25 to 90 kilowatts. The series encompasses 13 different modules. They can be combined flexibly and in cascaded systems enable a capacity of up to 270 kW.

Intelligent controls developed by Bosch

To manage air conditioning on a mid to large scale, Bosch has developed a central controller with touch display: the Air Center Control. With the expandable module up to 256 indoor units can be monitored. The touch screen controller has been designed for facility managers of hotels, office buildings or other larger properties. Air Center Control is easy to use and includes a layout plan, a schedule as well as monitor parameters to help building managers monitor their VRF systems. The controller is compatible with the entire Air Flux series and connects via LAN, thus enabling local connectivity as well as remote access from a laptop or a PC. Remote updates can also be provided. Various gateways enable the connection to building management systems.

In addition, Bosch has transferred its residential heating expertise to the air conditioning sector by developing Air Room Control, a new wired room controller which is available in two versions: while the standard model provides convenient new functions for commercial users, the variant developed exclusively for hotels can be used in combination with power saver cards as well as door and window switches. The totally newly developed planning software “Air Select” offers precise selection options via the internet or on the PC to support planners in the early stage.

Pleasant to the eye and easy to use

Bosch provides a wide range of different indoor units thus offering the indoor unit with the right output for every application. All units feature the attractive Bosch design and are supplied in variants ranging from small units with slim dimensions to powerful devices for large rooms.

Air Flux Outdoor Units
Air Flux 5300 AFrom 25 to 90 kW (max. 13 to 53 connected indoor units)
Air Flux 5300 A CFrom 25 to 270 kW (max. 13 to 64 connected indoor units)

Air Flux Indoor Units
AF-4C4-Way Cassette (1.7-14 kW)
AF-4CC 4-Way Compact Cassette (2.2-5.2 kW)
AF-4CR Round Flow Cassette (2.8-14 kW)
AF-4CE High Air Flow 4-Way Cassette (5.6-11.2 kW)
AF-1C 1-Way Cassette (1.8-7.1 kW)
AF-2C 2-Way Cassette (2.2-7.1 kW)
AF-DL Low Static Duct (1.7-7.1 kW)
AF-DM Medium Static Duct (8-14 kW)
AF-DME High Air Flow Medium Static Duct (5.6-11.2 kW)
AF-DH High Static Duct (7.1-28 kW)
AF-DHE High Air Flow High Static Duct (5.6-11.2 kW)
AF-DHS Slim High Static Duct (2.2-7.1 kW)
AF-W High-Wall Mounted (1.7-9 kW)
AF-F Floor Std w/o cabinet (2.2-8 kW)
AF-FC Floor Std w/ cabinet (2.2-8 kW)
AF-CF Ceiling-Floor (3.6-14 kW)

Air Flux Controls
Air Room Control
ARC C IR Infrared Remote Controller
ARC C Wired Room Controller
ARC H Wired Room Controller Hotel
Air Center Control
ACC MT Centralised Controller with Touch Display (max. 64 indoor units)
ACC MT + ACC EXP Centralised Controller with Touch Display + extended product (max. 256 indoor units)
ACC M Centralised Controller Intelligent Manager (max. 256 indoor units)

Air Flux Gateways
ACC BAC Bacnet Gateway
ACC MOD Modbus Gateway
ACC LON Lonworks Gateway

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Air Flux covers the complete product range from individual and combined outdoor units, to 13 different indoor air conditioning units and intelligent control units as well as a newly developed planning software. Accessories and spare parts complete the programme. Air Flux is perfectly suitable for mid-sized to large properties.

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Hello Air Flux! The new range of air conditioning systems from Bosch is suitable for larger commercial properties and hotels. Air Flux is efficient, powerful and easy to use as well as pleasant to the eye.

The new Air Flux range of air conditioning systems from Bosch is suitable for larger commercial properties and hotels. Efficient, powerful and easy to use: #Bosch #airconditioning #energyefficiency #facilitymanagement

Bosch Home Comfort Group is a leading European provider of smart, sustainable and energy-efficient heating, cooling, well-being and process heat solutions. In fiscal 2023, the company generated sales of 5 billion euros and employed approx. 14,600 people. Bosch Home Comfort Group combines several international and regional brands under its umbrella and produces a comprehensive product portfolio in Europe, America and Asia.

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The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. It employs roughly 429,000 associates worldwide (as of December 31, 2023). The company generated sales of 91.6 billion euros in 2023. Its operations are divided into four business sectors: Mobility, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. With its business activities, the company aims to use technology to help shape universal trends such as automation, electrification, digitalization, connectivity, and an orientation to sustainability. In this context, Bosch’s broad diversification across regions and industries strengthens its innovativeness and robustness. Bosch uses its proven expertise in sensor technology, software, and services to offer customers cross-domain solutions from a single source. It also applies its expertise in connectivity and artificial intelligence in order to develop and manufacture user-friendly, sustainable products. With technology that is “Invented for life,” Bosch wants to help improve quality of life and conserve natural resources. The Bosch Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH and its roughly 470 subsidiary and regional companies in over 60 countries. Including sales and service partners, Bosch’s global manufacturing, engineering, and sales network covers nearly every country in the world. Bosch’s innovative strength is key to the company’s further development. At 136 locations across the globe, Bosch employs some 90,000 associates in research and development, of which nearly 48,000 are software engineers.

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