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Bosch expands service suite for digital building management

Nexospace Energy Manager and other services added to IoT-based solutions portfolio for commercial buildings

  • Smart data analysis for building technology helps deliver enhanced security, comfort, efficiency, and sustainability.
  • Extended service portfolio for more customer benefits – Nexospace Energy Manager and other services launched.
  • Innovative functionality – service suite as an AI and cloud-based solution.
Florian Lauw

Florian Lauw


Grasbrunn, Germany – At the end of last year, Bosch Building Technologies launched Nexospace, a digital service suite for efficient and sustainable building management that networks and integrates IoT-supported service solutions on a cloud platform. The Nexospace Fire System Analyzer has now been joined by the latest service, the Nexospace Energy Manager, plus additional services.

Cloud-based, IoT-supported service suite for digital building management

Thanks to Nexospace services, owners and operators can take a holistic and convenient approach to the digital management of their commercial buildings. This is made possible by automated data analysis for technical building equipment, which can uncover opportunities to make improvements and help operational processes run more smoothly. What makes this solution really stand out is that this automated analysis can be carried out on both an individual building and, when networked, on an entire real estate portfolio. “The market for building solutions is increasingly demanding digital service options. A growing range of services that were typically provided on-site are now being delivered on a remote basis and as cloud-based solutions. We are actively investing in this transition and are proud to be launching Nexospace Energy Manager as a service that helps customers identify potential savings and thus play an active role in boosting sustainability,” explains Dr. Marcus Nadenau, who runs the European system integrator operations of Bosch Building Technologies.

Nexospace services suitable for both new and existing buildings

Nexospace services are carefully coordinated and designed so they can be used on a modular basis and therefore be adapted to specific customer requirements. They are ideal for use in both brand-new and existing buildings.
Nexospace Energy Manager is a recent addition to the suite, and is used to visualize, analyze, and evaluate the efficiency of energy supply, distribution, and consumption in buildings. The savings opportunities that are identified and the measures derived from these opportunities provide a means to precisely reduce CO2 emissions and energy costs while also conserving resources.
Another service is the Nexospace Fire System Analyzer, which gives users location-independent access to information about the current status of the fire alarm systems installed in their building via an app or browser. Besides making it easier to document incidents that have already occurred, this also simplifies budget planning for replacement parts such as alarms and batteries. What’s more, building operators and facility managers can leverage the service to save time and money, because faults can be identified faster and then fixed on site.

Additional new services designed to enhance user convenience or optimize building management will be offered in cooperation with partners. One such service is Workplace Analytics, which helps building operators and real estate managers analyze how areas are actually being used based on capacity utilization data. This can help drive down costs and make optimum use of spaces.

Intelligent evaluation brings added transparency

From a purely technical standpoint, Nexospace services securely transfer data from the technologies and systems installed in a building to the cloud, where ontologies are used to standardize and structure the data as part of an automated process. Building owners and operators receive the results in the form of clearly structured cockpits in apps or desktop applications.
By using specially developed AI algorithms and taking domain-specific historical and forecast models as a basis, Bosch can evaluate the information acquired from building technology and visualize correlations between various measured values. Also, Bosch provides users with comprehensive consulting, planning, implementation, and operational support for Nexospace services as required.

Broad-based campaign for Nexospace

At the end of last year, Bosch Building Technologies initiated a wide-ranging promotional campaign for the market launch of Nexospace. The campaign centers on the “Datanaut”, who symbolizes the process of exploring the cosmos of digital building management and helps owners and operators get their commercial buildings fit for the future.

You can find out more about Nexospace here.

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