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Bosch eBike Systems presents its new eBike ABS

The world's smallest ABS, developed based on motorcycle technology, makes eBiking even safer

  • Anti-lock braking function, and rear wheel lift control, increase safety on high-grip and loose or slippery surfaces
  • The right ABS for every type of eBike thanks to different ABS modes
  • ABS Trail ensures greater riding enjoyment and better performance during sporty driving manoeuvres
  • Small and lightweight control unit with minimalist design
Tamara Winograd

Tamara Winograd

Stuttgart/Reutlingen – A good braking technique is an important basis for riding safety on roads and trails. With the new ABS for the smart system, Bosch eBike Systems ensures better braking on any surface. Whether using eCargo to get around the city or eMTB on challenging trails: The new Bosch eBike ABS with brake components from MAGURA is designed to meet the requirements of different types of eBike and can therefore reduce accidents even more effectively.

Incorrect braking is one of the main causes of cycling accidents. "The front wheel brake on a bicycle is crucial for a short braking distance. But many people avoid using this because they are afraid of falling due to the high braking effect", says Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems. "The Bosch eBike ABS specifically counteracts this by significantly reducing the risk of falling or being thrown over the handlebar." In fact, up to 29 percent of all accidents involving pedelecs could be reduced, or completely prevented, each year if all pedelecs had reliable ABS. Studies conducted by Bosch Accident Research have shown this.

The new eBike ABS: Smaller, lighter, well-designed

Safety is particularly important to Bosch. More than 40 years ago, the company brought the world's first production-ready ABS for cars into the market. Bosch has been manufacturing anti-lock braking systems for motorcycles since 1995 and launched the world's first ABS for pedelecs in 2018. With the new ABS, Bosch eBike Systems now presents the world's smallest ABS developed based on motorcycle technology. This means that for the first time, eBike manufacturers can equip all types of eBike with the optimised brake assist technology from Bosch. The control unit in the new Bosch eBike ABS is 77 percent smaller and 55 percent lighter than its predecessor and blends unobtrusively into the design of the eBike thanks to its integration into the entire system.

The right mode for every type of eBike

Bosch offers different modes for the new eBike ABS, each of which is optimally designed for the braking requirements of different types of eBike and surfaces. Owners of an eCargo bike with ABS Cargo benefit from fast, safe and more accurate braking even when carrying a full load. ABS Touring is ideal for riding the eCity bike in the city, where changing road surfaces, pedestrian crossings and traffic lights are part and parcel of every trip. Or for weekend excursions into the countryside with the trekking eBike. ABS Allroad was specifically developed for easy off-road riding so that eMountain bikers can pursue their passion and enjoy more carefree and safer riding on gravel and forest paths. While ABS Trail mode, which was developed together with athletes, is directed more towards sporty eBikers who are always looking for new challenges - on demanding trails and difficult terrain. ABS Trail helps them to ride with more foresight, control and focus in surprising situations, such as a steeper slope or a blind bend. In this way, eBikers can refine their riding technique even further and increase their performance on the trails, while enjoying a safer ride. When riding on gravel paths or asphalt roads, they can simply switch from ABS Trail to ABS Allroad in the eBike Flow app or using the Kiox 300 display.

Recent braking data can also be retrieved using Kiox 300. In this way, eBikers can see and analyse their braking distance, or braking time, in order to gradually improve their braking behaviour on different surfaces.

Greater safety on different surfaces

ABS is activated automatically as soon as you start pedalling. Two basic functions in particular, which make the braking and riding experience significantly safer, are crucial for the effectiveness of the Bosch eBike ABS. For example, the anti-lock braking function of the front wheel automatically regulates the brake pressure by permanently monitoring the speed of the wheels. Preventing the wheels from locking during braking. The sensitive braking behaviour increases control and stability, particularly on slippery surfaces. Rear wheel lift control reduces the risk of the rear wheel lifting off on high-grip surfaces. Since it reduces the probability of being thrown over the handlebar, this function contributes significantly to safer and accident-free riding.

The new Bosch eBike ABS with brake components from MAGURA will be available from summer 2022. The available ABS mode depends on the respective eBike category set by the bike manufacturer. Prospective customers should check whether the new eBike ABS is installed when purchasing an eBike, or talk to their specialist dealer, as this cannot be retrofitted.

Bosch eBike Systems is shaping the future of eBike mobility with innovative products and digital services ranging from highly efficient drive systems to the first production-ready ABS for eBikes and Connected Biking solutions. On the daily routes through the city, on leisurely rides through the countryside or for sporting adventures in the mountains: Bosch eBike Systems offers eBikers the right drive system (drive unit, battery, display, and app) for every requirement and every area of use, ensuring a unique riding sensation. Today, more than 100 of the world's leading bicycle brands trust the perfectly coordinated, modular product portfolio. As an independent division within the Bosch Group, Bosch eBike Systems also makes use of the Group's technology and manufacturing expertise. For healthy, safe and sustainable mobility that is fun.

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