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Autumn Highlights 2020 from Bosch Smart Home

All-round security in today’s intelligent home

Frank Bauderer


Stuttgart – Bosch Smart Home welcomes autumn with three new additions that guarantee even more security for today’s smart home. The Bosch Smart Home Water Alarm reliably alerts in the event of water leaks, thus preventing major damage to property. The new Plug Compact extends the range of a number of products from Bosch Smart Home. In addition, a new partnership with the company LEDVANCE enhances the possibilities of intelligent lighting in the Bosch Smart Home. These additional helpers make smart homes even more secure and allow their users to feel even more relaxed and carefree while enjoying the autumn and winter season.

The new products at a glance:

Water Alarm

  • Reliably notifies in the event of water leakage – even when away from home thanks to push message and live images.
  • Prevents greater hazards: the Water Alarm immediately disconnects electrical appliances that are connected to the mains via Smart Plugs.

Plug Compact

  • Optimally amplifies the range of the Water Alarm, Twinguard, Motion Detector and Twist.
  • Combines numerous smart functions, e.g. measurement of power consumption, integration into the presence simulation and motion light.


  • Complements Bosch Smart Home as a new partner for smart lighting solutions.
  • Expands the portfolio with new Starter Kits for protection against burglary and fire.

The Bosch Smart Home Water Alarm – preventing property damage has never been so easy

Water damages in private households pose an underestimated risk. According to the General Association of the German Insurance Industry, water damage is by far the most common household damage, accounting for 62 percent of all damage in private homes. To effectively minimize damage caused by leaking water, Bosch has now added the new Water Alarm to its family of smart home products. A reliable helper is unobtrusively concealed in the Water Alarm’s slim design. The Water Alarm immediately generates a reliable twofold alarm when it detects a water level of 1.5 millimetres or more. The auditory alarm is a clearly audible “beep” and the visual alarm consists of blue flashing Philips Hue or LEDVANCE lights integrated into the Bosch Smart Home System. These alarms are especially important if the potential sources of water damage, e.g. a washing machine, are located in the basement.

Water damage often occurs when no one is at home. That’s why the Water Alarm notifies Bosch Smart Home users who are away from home through a push message and live images from the indoor cameras. This enables users to react quickly, thus avoiding costly financial losses due to water that leaks undetected for hours or even days. Professional assistance can be directly requested via an emergency call button in the app. In the event of water leakage, electrical appliances connected to the mains via Smart Plugs are immediately and automatically disconnected from the power supply, thus avoiding serious hazards such as electric shocks.

The nonslip silicone coating on the bottom of the Bosch Smart Home Water Alarm also ensures that the little apparatus remains in its proper place. If the Water Alarm is accidentally moved, e.g. when cleaning the house or by household pets, the device automatically triggers an app notification.

The Plug Compact – a small all-rounder in the smart home

The Plug Compact perfectly complements the entire Bosch Smart Home system. With its help, conventional electrical appliances can be easily and seamlessly integrated into the system, and thus into automations, scenarios and the presence simulation, as it is already the case with the known Smart Plug. Furthermore, the Plug Compact also offers other useful functions, for example, a programmable timer, control via voice assistants, built-in parental control and measurement of the power consumed by connected electrical appliances.

Thanks to its compact design, several smart plugs can be used directly alongside one another. Moreover, the Plug Compact enables the smart connection of previously unreached rooms, such as the basement or the attic, because it supports the range extension for the following devices of the Bosch Smart Home portfolio: Water Alarm, Twinguard, Motion Detector, Twist and other Plug Compacts.

Let there be light – smart lighting solutions with LEDVANCE

Bosch Smart Home is expanding the potential of smart lighting solutions in its system in collaboration with LEDVANCE, a company for lighting products and networked lighting applications that emerged from a spin-off of Osram GmbH. In close cooperation with LEDVANCE, Bosch Smart Home offers Starter Sets that support uses cases for protection against burglary and fire. To deter uninvited guests, the LEDVANCE lamps flash an eye-catching red light whenever a break-in is attempted. If smoke is detected, the lamps automatically flood the room with intense yellow light to optimally illuminate escape and rescue routes.

The lighting solutions of LEDVANCE’s Smart+ ZigBee 3.0 series can be easily and conveniently integrated into the system via the existing Bosch Smart Home Controller and without the need for a separate bridge. Thanks to this direct integration, users also enjoy a high level of security and data protection for their lights.

We are pleased that by collaborating with LEDVANCE, we can simplify the integration of smart and individual lighting solutions for our customers and thus further enhance their security.

Christian Thess, Managing Director of Bosch Smart Home

Availability and Price: Water Alarm
In Germany, Austria, France
€48.69 RRP incl. 16% VAT until 31 December 2020
€49.95 RRP incl. 19% VAT from 1 January 2021
Available immediately

Availability and Price: Plug Compact
In Germany, Austria, France
€44.95 RRP incl. 19% VAT from 1 January 2021
Available from January 2021

Availability and Price: Water Alarm Package with Plug Compact
In Germany, Austria, France
(two Water Alarms, one Adapter Plug Compact)
€129,95 RRP incl. 19% VAT from 1 January 2021
Available from January 2021

Availability and price: LEDVANCE Starter Kits
Bosch & LEDVANCE Fire Protection Starter Kit
In Germany, Austria, France and Great Britain
(Bosch Smart Home Controller, Bosch Smart Home Smoke Detector, two LEDVANCE LED lamps E27)
€194.91 RRP incl. 16% VAT until 31 December 2020
€199.95 RRP incl. 19% VAT from 1 January 2021
Available from 1 October 2020

Availability and Price: Bosch & LEDVANCE Alarm System Starter Kit
In Germany, Austria, France and Great Britain
(Bosch Smart Home Controller, Bosch Smart Home Motion Detector, two Bosch Smart Home Door/Window Contacts, LEDVANCE LED Lamp E27, LEDVANCE LED Light Band)
€292.39 RRP incl. 16% VAT until 31 December 2020
€299.95 RRP incl. 19% VAT from 1 January 2021
Available from 1 October 2020

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