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Bosch and BASF establish joint venture for digital technologies in the agricultural sector

Making tomorrow's agriculture more efficient with Smart Farming

  • Farmers to benefit from automated, agronomic digital solutions
  • Accelerated digital innovations foster precision farming, resource efficiencies and sustainability
  • First joint product to be released in Brazil, followed by Europe and North America
  • Reduced need for crop protection in specific applications depending on local conditions
Cornelia Dürr

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Stuttgart, Cologne, Germany – Bosch and BASF Digital Farming have signed a 50:50 joint venture (JV) agreement to globally market and sell smart farming solutions from a single source in the future. The JV agreement was signed on November 10, 2020 and will be followed by the founding of a new company based in Cologne, which will be established in the first quarter of 2021. The foundation is subject to the approval of the relevant antitrust authorities. Both parties have agreed not to disclose financial details.

Bosch brings to the JV significant capability in hardware and software, as well as digital services. BASF Digital Farming with its xarvio™ Digital Farming Solutions provides an automated, real-time, field specific agronomic decision-making engine for weed management that is powered by the digital xarvio platform for crop optimization. It provides farmers with field zone specific advice on how to produce crops in the most sustainable way. Combining the expertise of both companies, with state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions, will make it easier and more convenient for farmers to benefit from digital solutions.

Spraying and saving

“Thanks to connecting agricultural machinery using high-tech sensors, intelligent software and digital products, we can make tomorrow’s agriculture more efficient and at the same time more environmentally friendly,” said Andrew Allen, responsible for Commercial Vehicles and Off-Road Business at Robert Bosch GmbH. “Both companies are committed to investing time, resources and funding in joint activities that will lead to the development of new sustainable, precision technologies that improve agricultural practices and outcomes,” said Vincent Gros, President of BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division.

The first two products to be launched will be a version of the Intelligent Planting Solution (IPS), with enhanced digital intelligence for seeding and fertilizer prescriptions and Smart Spraying. The Smart Spraying solution combines Bosch’s camera sensor technology and software with xarvio’ s crop optimization platform. Both products have been tested extensively in real growing conditions. Such innovative precision farming practices enable resource efficiencies supporting farmers and the environment.
Depending on the local conditions this may lead to a reduced need for crop protection in specific applications. Smart Spraying shows up to 70% herbicide volumes reduction in experimental stage. The solution is expected to be launched with a limited number of machines in 2021.

For additional information on the BASF and Bosch partnership go to LINK and LINK.

Contact person for press inquiries:

Cornelia Dürr
Bosch Engineering GmbH
Phone: +49 7062 911-1986

Nathan Quigley
xarvio™ Digital Farming Solutions
Phone: +49 151 5519 3566

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About BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division
With a rapidly growing population, the world is increasingly dependent on our ability to develop and maintain sustainable agriculture and healthy environments. Working with farmers, agricultural professionals, pest management experts and others, it is our role to help make this possible. That’s why we invest in a strong R&D pipeline and broad portfolio, including seeds and traits, chemical and biological crop protection, soil management, plant health, pest control and digital farming. With expert teams in the lab, field, office, and in production, we connect innovative thinking and down-to-earth action to create real world ideas that work – for farmers, society and the planet. In 2019, our division generated sales of €7.8 billion. For more information, please visit or any of our social media channels.

About xarvio Digital Farming Solutions, a brand name of BASF Digital Farming GmbH
xarvio is a leader in the digital transformation of agriculture to optimize plant production. xarvio offers digital products based on a world-leading plant model platform that provides independent field zone-specific agronomic advice to help farmers produce their crops in the most efficient and sustainable way. The xarvio products SCOUTING, FIELD MANAGER and HEALTHY FIELDS are used by farmers in more than 100 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit or one of our social media channels.


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