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Anysight from Bosch Makes Heating Systems More Efficient

AI based digital monitoring reduces energy consumption

  • Retrofit solution involving sensor, software and service reports failures at an early stage.
  • New plug & play system developed for the entire heating system and all heating manufacturers.
  • Solution relies on Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.
  • Digital monitoring can reduce energy costs by up to 30 percent.
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Frankfurt am Main – More than half of heating systems in Germany run inefficiently, according to the Bundesverband der deutschen Heizungsindustrie, the professional association representing Germany's heating industry. The reason for this is that they are outdated or incorrectly adjusted. In addition, building operators have only few insights into how these systems work. They usually only hear about breakdowns from residents when the temperature in their homes has already dropped. It often takes several days to rectify a fault - a source of annoyance for residents and an organizational challenge for building operators and maintenance companies. Digital monitoring can provide a remedy. Bosch is launching Anysight, a simple, retrofittable solution for the remote monitoring of central heating systems. Involving plug & play installation, the system provides a round-the-clock insight into the systems, reports failures at an early stage and ensures smooth operation over the long term. In addition, building operators can save energy costs with digital monitoring of the heating system.

Greater energy efficiency can cut heating costs by up to 30 percent

Anysight monitors heating systems with the help of temperature sensors and transfers the measured data to the cloud. There, algorithms evaluate the temperature data based on AI and recognize inefficient system settings. With the help of regular energy reports, Anysight draws attention to those settings and gives the operator specific recommendations for action to improve energy efficiency. The software also develops in a self-learning manner over time. This helps to reduce heating costs for residents. “Following initial field tests, we expect potential savings of up to 30 percent of the energy consumption of the relevant system”, explains Thomas Matthis, Head of Smart Heating Monitoring Services at Bosch Service Solutions.

Digital early warning system is easy to use

“Anysight is a comprehensive, worry-free package that can be used without technical preparation or specialist knowledge. It offers a digital early warning solution for the entire heating system," says Jan Krüsemann, Product Manager for Anysight. Building operators receive a failure message much earlier, long before the apartments have cooled down. As a result, they have more time to repair the system. Ideally, the problem is resolved before the residents notice anything wrong – this increases satisfaction and saves heating engineers and building operators from angry complaints. Anysight works for all types of heating and hot water systems in apartment buildings and networked residential areas of 5 units or more and is suitable for systems of all ages.

Simple and fast installation

Anysight is installed by Bosch usually within an hour via plug & play. The heart of the solution is the radio gateway, a unit about the size of a book which is mounted on the wall next to the heating system and uses wired sensors to measure the temperatures on all relevant heating components. All important information about the heating system, such as manufacturer, energy source, output and year of manufacture are digitally recorded. Equipped with a built-in SIM card, the gateway transmits the measured temperature data wirelessly to the cloud. Combining the recorded system data, many years of experience in the heating sector, as well as real-time weather data, intelligent algorithms analyze the heating operation. Besides system inefficiencies they also detect any malfunctions.

If Anysight detects a failure, it reports this to the operator by email. This contains all the important information for quick help and can thus be forwarded directly by the operator to the responsible heating engineer. This dispenses with the usual telephone queries and often time-consuming troubleshooting on site. If necessary, operators or heating engineers can also look for support from the Bosch Monitoring Center, which coordinates ticket resolution.

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